Yoga Teacher Training Portland OR

200 Hour Training

Be curious. Deepen your practice. Find your voice. Change your life.

We are now enrolling for Spring 2019, which runs Friday, March 8th through Sunday, May 12th. If you would like to know about upcoming information sessions or receive more info in general, email Terri

300 Hour Training

"Live as though you'll die tomorrow. Learn as though you'll live forever." -Ghandi

Our 300-hour program is rockin' and rollin'! We are truly inspired by the vast amount of learning that has taken place during the past two quarters. Our next Quarter begins December 2018. Email Tori for information.

Yoga  Teacher Training Portland

At YoYoYogi, we believe that the true teacher lies inside each and every one of us.

Our life experiences give each of us a distinctive perspective and the ability to offer others a unique voice of guidance. To teach is to give others the opportunity to find their own inner teacher along this incredible journey of Yoga and therefore life.
— Alex & Terri Cole


Be Ready to Change Your Life!

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