YoYoYogi's very own personalized company wellness program


You've heard all the stats, right? Happy, healthy employees = a happy, healthy workplace.

(Not to mention lower health-insurance premiums, blissed-out co-workers, and a mad-productive team.) Everybody wins.

So you wanna offer some mind-bendin', body-stretchin', peace-providin' yoga, just steps away from your desk?

We’ve got you covered.

Rock your office yoga one of two ways 

1.  Host a one-time Yoga Jam at your place or ours.  

You bring the peeps, we bring the practice. Share a 60-minute yoga class, taught by one of our friendly, fun-loving seasoned professionals. Perfect for team-building, holidays, or an employee celebration!


Hosted at YoYoYogi:

60-minute class for any number of students: $225 (session includes all necessary mats, props, etc)

Hosted at your office or event space:

60-minute class for any number of students: $250. (mats/props not included)

2.  Host regular YoYo on the Go-Go classes in your ‘hood.

Bring a YoYo instructor into your office for regular (once a week or more) sessions.  Class styles offered range from chilled-out meditation and stress management to gentle stretchy yoga to strong, shake-yo’-ass power vinyasa!  

We’ll work with you to determine the ideal class for your crew, taking into account folks’ age, experience, intention of the class (athletic vs mellow), etc.  Then, we’ll pair your company with the perfect YoYo teacher!



One 60-minute class/week for 5 weeks: $175 per session

One 60-minute class/week for 10 weeks: $150 per session


Email kristi@yoyoyogi.com for further details, or to set up your next yoga jam.