Continuing Education Summer Series

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow… learn as if you were to live forever." -Ghandi

YoYoYogi is a registered Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider, and we are proud to be offering the following courses to help you advance your knowledge, your teachings, and your ability to help students deepen their practice. Check out our Summer Series, all of which satisfy your Continuing Education Requirements: 

All courses are $38 and take place Wednesdays from 6 - 8:30p in the Loft at YoYoYogi

  • July 26th: Demystify Sequencing with Galen This we consider a must workshop for all teachers of Yoga! Learn how to create safe, effective and dynamic yoga classes - one pose at a time. Together, we’ll uncover the magic of a finely tuned and highly effective yoga class as Galen breaks down the anatomy of posture families and uncovers the energies of the subtle body. Learn to bring your classes to life by skillfully placing thoughtful messages and using your music as an empowering tool.  Blending time-honored yogic principals with modern discoveries, you will create sensical and creative yoga classes!
  • August 2nd: The Art of Storytelling with Roger Ever experienced a class where everything made sense, you left feeling aligned and it all just seem to 'click?' When we create classes around a theme that is well thought out and formatted  as such, students feel as though we have created a space created just for them. It's then that a class can be an experience which can invite students to look deeper, open up more and fully engage yoga far beyond just the physical practice. Learn from Roger, the master storytelling, as he sheds light on techniques to help organize your thoughts, poses and create a memorable moment of connection for your students. 
  • August 9th: The Language of Yoga with Roger Come back to where it all began. Sanskrit, the ancient language of our trade, can often seem daunting and sometimes confusing; however, when used in classes, it can help create a deeper connection to the root of the practice of yoga. Dig in to the deeper meanings of the words and how they have been simplified in translation so you can start to expand your ability to teach a pose in a new way. This workshop is sure to inspire you in a way you may have never been before!
  • August 16th: Still Points with Tori: The duality of opposites is an essential part of the yoga practice - motion and stillness, effort and effortlessness, external and internal. As teachers, incorporating still points and moments of meditation into your practices invites the gaze of students to shift - creating the perfect ‘counter pose’ to the movement of a vinyasa sequence.  Join Tori G as she helps you skillfully guide your classes to include moments of pause in the midst of the flow. Not only will this nurture your growth as a teacher, but it will allow your own practice to connect to the deeper currents and the flow of all things.