The Yoga of Food

THE PROGRAM: Join Eat with Zest + YoYoYogi for the month of May to fuel with real food and relish each moment of your life. In this program, you will receive 28 days of meal plans and recipes, four 60-minute yoga sessions followed by mediation and nutritional discussions, all while having the accountability and support from your knowledgeable and fearless leaders. 

THE PHILOSOPHY: Anna and Megan are Registered Dietitians and Nutritionists with a fresh approach. Done are the days of calorie counting and craving carbs. It's time to tune in and make changes that will actually last. This is about eating for nourishment and loving your food.

THE YOGA: Join Jill for an hour of Yoga and Meditation as a way to tap into your intuition. Learn how to decipher between the "shoulds" and the bodies' actual needs. We'll
get you connected with both the physical and subtle body to create an overall healthier life.

THE FOOD: This is not about what you can't eat. We'll challenge you to shift your focus from quantity to the quality of food you use for fuel and satisfaction. Each week, you'll receive a shopping list and meal plan with supporting recipes to create a strong foundation as you change habits and emerge into a healthier, less deprived you!

Meets (4) Mondays from 6 - 730p

  • Monday, May 1
  • Monday, May 8
  • Monday, May 15
  • Monday, May 22
April 9
Float On
May 7