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Supple Roots: A Pelvic Floor Workshop

with jill case

A workshop exploring pelvic floor health at all stages in a woman's life

Join Jill for an afternoon of meditation, movement, breath, and aromatherapy as methods of connecting to your pelvic floor and creating a better balance of tone, strength, and mobility. Learn how these states affect the rest of the physical body and your relationship to self. The goal of the workshop is to come away with simple ways to support your pelvic floor health at home or on the mat.

In this workshop, we will learn:

  • The anatomy of this area as well as how to incorporate mula and uddiyana bandas
  • How to connect to your pelvic floor to discern its health and vitality
  • How to develop pelvic mobility and stability through self care, specific exercises and yoga techniques
  • Key breathwork that supports recovery and health
  • How the pelvic floor connects to the feet and abdominals specifically
  • How to create awareness for restoration of pelvic strength and tone as well as suppleness
  • How the pelvis relates to pleasure, our relationship to self care, our receptivity, creativity and inner trust
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