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Asana Bootcamp

Whether you are newer to yoga or been practicing for years, this workshop will help you deepen your understanding of alignment as well as your bodies relationship with the postures you do all the time. This is not about doing the perfect pose. Instead, it will help you learn how to create more ease, awareness and connection with your body. 

Jill will cover:

  • How and when to use props
  • Demystify where and what the feet and the hips are doing for optimal feel
  • How to allow yourself to find your own unique expression while feeling aligned in your body and centered. 

Each day will cover a unique set of postures. Do all 3 or pick and choose what works best for you.

$38 each session or $98 full weekend

  • Friday, January 27 from 730 - 930p: Sun A, B & C postures including the vinyasa (plank, chatarunga, updog, downdog)
  • Saturday, January 28 from 230 - 5p: Standing Poses (Warriors, Triangle, Side Angle, Wide leg Fold and Revolved Versions)
  • Sunday, January 29 from 230 - 5p: Standing Balance and all the extras (ie Navasana, Side Plank, Bridge, Malasana and any requests)
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Later Event: February 12
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