The practice of yoga asana and mindfulness arrived to Tori as a source of healing during a profound life transition in her early twenties. Since waking up to her path, she has traveled extensively and offered her teachings both nationally and internationally. Her training lineage is with Shiva Rea, Jessica Lazar and the great Prana Vinyasa Tribe.  She sits daily with the teaching of Tara Brach, Pema Chodron, Matthieu Ricard, and the wisdom of many world traditions. She finds deep resonance in self study and her own inner guides. 

Tori believes in the amazing potential of guiding people into clarity of Self through the Practices - which encompass - yoga asana; pranayama; energetic movement; creative expression; meditation; cultivating compassion, intentionality and gratitude; and living a full spectrum life.  Her weekly practices, teacher training lectures and ongoing immersions are powerful and transformational experiences.

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