Lifelong athlete, Kristi Cole, made her way onto unfamiliar territory eight years ago when she stepped her two calloused feet onto a rubber mat. It was there that she sweated and struggled her way through 60 minutes of what would one day become her life passion.

She soon became addicted to the miraculous physical accomplishments she found through yoga. (Finally loose enough hamstrings allowed her to touch her toes!!) Kristi began to practice everyday, every single day and quickly realized that yoga was not just another competitive sport with a win at the end of the season, no! Yoga had dug its way into her soul and was giving her the tools to move gracefully through every aspect of her life. 

So in love with the practice and the immense changes that she was witnessing,  Kristi knew it was something that she needed to share with everyone who would listen.   

Get ready to go on a personal journey of Yoga Asana and learn about postures on every level and in doing so discover why it's not about the poses and never will be. 

David Vote