Isabel was introduced to Yoga as a child which lay, quite literally as savasana was her favorite pose, the groundwork for her love of Yoga. Throughout life, she continued her practice off and on for years primarily for the physical benefit of asana before discovering the other 7 limbs of yoga. Hungry for more knowledge, she set off on a spiritual quest which eventually led her to YoYoYogi's 200 hour teacher training. She has long been interested in philosophy and mythology and is constantly studying and uncovering bits of knowledge about yoga and beyond. Her passion lies in sharing with her students in hopes that they too can begin to appreciate the vast practice of Yoga. 

And share she does. Isabel is one of the founding teachers at YoYoYogi, leading retreats, workshops and special events to expose all of Portland to her down-to-earth, real-life approach to this transformation practice. 

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