Yoga Certification Portland

At YoYoYogi, we believe that the TRUE TEACHER lies inside each and every one of us.

Our life experiences give each of us a distinctive perspective and the ability to offer others a unique voice of guidance. To teach is to give others the opportunity to find their own inner teacher along this incredible journey of Yoga and therefore life
— Alex & Terri Cole

Looking for Yoga Certification in Portland? Look no further.

During this dynamic course, you will be given the tools to uncover and release your voice with poise and confidence.

YoYoYogi’s comprehensive Yoga Teacher Training will teach you how to break down postures and effectively communicate.  You will learn how to seamlessly weave together the essential elements of movement, breath, philosophy, environment, and meditation to create inspired classes that take students on a physical and energetic pilgrimage.  Set a rich foundation for the journey of your life through the Advanced Studies of:

The 8 Limbs of Yoga, Yoga Asana, Sequencing, Pranayama, Meditation,  Anatomy & Physiology, Chakras, Nadis, Koshas, and Bandhas, and the Relationship of Yin Yoga to the Energetic Body

Together we will work hard, study hard, laugh out loud and even shed a few tears.  Be ready to change your life. Our Spring 2018 is currently full, but we are enrolling for Fall 2018. If you would like more information, email Terri