the om zone

a quiet place in a noisy world

Amidst the bustle of the city lies a place of stillness. Portland, we bring to you the Om Zone, YoYoYogi’s meditation and gentle yoga studio smack dab in the heart of Portland’s beautiful Pearl District. We built this sanctuary for those days when you need to breathe a little deeper, find the pause and begin again. Whether you need a midday break or crave chill vibes after work, the Om Zone promises to help you find that elusive place of peace.

Traditionally known for our powerful yoga classes, we felt the need to open a space rooted in serenity. Our lives have grown so complicated and full that sometimes all we need is room to breathe.  Our hope is The Om Zone will provide that illusive place of peace for this amazing community. Now whether you are looking for strong powerful movement, hot sweaty classes, or a moment of calm, YoYoYogi has it all under one roof. 

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Our Om Zone classes are all about mindfulness. Styles range from pure meditation to restorative movement to yin yoga.

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