Favorite PDX hangout: I love going to the Doug Fir Lounge and seeing amazing artists

Favorite NW beverage: Mango passion fruit Kombucha by Humm is my new jam these days. 

Yoga philosophy: The path to understanding your true self starts on the mat. That's where we begin to let go and go with the flow. "Letting go gives us freedom, and freedom is the only condition for happiness" -Thich Nhat Hanh

A song that makes you want to dance: "Dancing on my Own" by Robyn

Favorite Oregon region? I love going to the Coast

Certifications: 200 Hour teacher training at Open Up! in Seattle, WA

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Alex Cole

Favorite PDX hangout: Powell’s Books

Favorite NW beverage: Drinking tea at a Portland coffee shop in a (large) porcelain cup, sitting outside (rain or shine), watching the world go by.

Yoga philosophy: William G.T. Shedd said "A ship is safe in harbor, but that is not what ships are built for." Stepping onto your mat, is like leaving harbor on a voyage of personal discovery.

A song that makes you want to dance: “Tenere Taqhim Tossam" (Jealous Desert) by Tinariwen

Favorite Oregon region? Anywhere on the Coast (rain or shine)

Certifications: iRest (Integrative Restoration Level 1 Teacher Training and currently working on Level 2 and toward final certification // Currently E-RYT 200 certified by YoYoYogi and RYT-500 certification at YoYoYogi.


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Parisa Vassei

Favorite PDX hangout: Whenever we get a free moment, we pack up the car with our doggie Scout and sweet baby Josephine and head to Forest Park. Forest baths are the best way to recharge.

Favorite NW beverage: Stumptown New Seasons Blend - whole bean & grind at home ... paired with our Chemex pour over, Good morning indeed!

Yoga philosophy: It's about the relationship between macro and micro, the flow of the individual and the great flow found in all things.  

A song that makes you want to dance: O-o-h Child by The Five Stairsteps

Favorite Oregon region? I'd choose the mountains. Hikes, lakes, meadows, sign me up for all of them - all year long! 

Certifications: 500hr Prana Vinyasa - lineage of Shiva Rea and Jessica Lazar // 200hr Vinyasa Flow - Flow Yoga Center Washington, DC // Weekend immersions and intensives with nationally and internationally renowned teachers.

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Eugene Serebrennikov

Favorite PDX hangout: YoYoYogi! 

Favorite NW beverage: Stoller Pinot- any year… anytime.

Yoga philosophy: Our teacher is our intuition, Our teacher is our experiences. Yoga asks that we are 4.0 students of life - aware and awake!

A song that makes you want to dance: Ice, Ice Baby… serious.

Favorite Oregon region? The Oregon coast. It's a true soul soother!

Certifications: 200 E-RYT // YACEP // Major courses would include (1) 34-year marriage, (2) daughters, (1) grandson, thousands of heartbreaks, countless smiles

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Parisa Vassei
Sarah Lakey

Favorite PDX hangout: Sisters Coffee

Favorite NW beverage: Burnside Bourbon, Oregon Oaked by Eastside Distillery

Yoga philosophy: “Yoga is the perfect opportunity to be curious about who you are." - Jason Crandell "Yoga is almost like music in a way; there's no end to it." - Sting

A song that makes you want to dance: 'Tilted' by Christine and the Queens

Favorite Oregon region: It's a tie between the city itself and the Gorge!

Certifications: Baptiste Yoga certification through D'ana Baptiste. B.F.A. in Ballet performance from the University of Utah

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David Vote

Favorite PDX hangout: You can often find me at Beer or next door at Meat Cheese Bread having a pint or a breakfast burrito with friends. 

Favorite NW beverage: Coffee! Cellar Door is probably my favorite, but any of the local roasters are fine by me. Coava, Ristretto, and Spielman's are other favorites. 

Yoga philosophy: Above all, I love the opportunity to be a student of my body in my practice. My practice has taught me how to quiet the thoughts and ego so that I can listen to the natural rhythms and guidance that my body is always sending out. Yoga teaches us that the wisest and most powerful teacher is the body itself. 

A song that makes you want to dance: I love to dance, but if I have to pick just one song I'll go with a classic: Dance Yrself Clean by LCD Soundsystem. 

Favorite Oregon region? My favorite place in Oregon is Yachats, on the coast! My friends and I have made the trek out to the same house down there for over five years. 

Certifications: RRYT certified by YoYoYogi

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Alex Cole

Favorite PDX hangout: The Tannery

Favorite NW beverage: House Spirits Distillery : Westward Oregon Straight Malt Whiskey

Yoga philosophy or quote that sums up your yoga philosophy: "When I walk out into the world, I take no thoughts with me.  That’s not easy, but you can learn to do it.  An empty mind is hungry, so you can look at everything longer, and closer.  Don’t hum!  When you listen with empty ears, you hear more.  And this is the core of the secret:  Attention is the beginning of devotion.” -Mary Oliver

A song that makes you want to dance: Violent Femmes- Dance, Mother F**ker, Dance!

Favorite Oregon region: The Gorge - Rooster Rock State Park

Certifications: 200 and 500hr Kripalu Yoga Teacher Training

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Parisa Vassei

Favorite PDX Hangout: It’s a tie between hiking in forest park and snuggling on the couch at home with my husband and daughter.

Favorite NW Beverage: Nothing beats a house coffee from Barista after a a super juicy YoYo flow. I just love the smell of coffee brewing as you head into the studio! Also my dad makes a mean homemade margarita, which is a Friday night favorite.

Yoga Philosophy: “If you do follow your bliss, you put yourself on a kind of track that has been there all the while, waiting for you, and the life that you ought to be living is the one you are living. When you can see that, you begin to meet people who are in your field of bliss, and they open doors to you. I say, follow your bliss and don’t be afraid, and doors will open where you didn’t know they were going to be.” ~Joseph Campbell

Favorite Oregon Region: The coast. The mountains. Wine country. The high desert. The forest. My own backyard. It’s all my favorite.

Certifications: 200 Hour RYT certified by YoYoYogi

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David Vote

Favorite PDX hangout: Acro mats! Where ever they are set up

Favorite NW beverage: Oregon Pinot Noir. What a delicious find this was /// Coffee!!! So much abundance of wonderful coffee

Yoga philosophy: "Not knowing how near the truth is, we seek it far away". Hakuin from The Song of Zazen

A song that makes you want to dance: "Big Time Sensuality" Bjork /// I love the tribal sounds

Favorite Oregon region? I am a nature person and adore all of the stunning outdoor destinations the PNW has to offer. 

Certifications: Prajna Yoga RYT200 // Yoga Of Trust AcroYoga

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Alex Cole

Favorite PDX hangout: Walking the city streets and forest trails. Anywhere my feet take me as long as my dog is with me.

Favorite NW beverage: Nossa Familia Coffee Sitio Boa Vista + a splah of heavy cream with my man // Soter Brut Rose out of the bottle with my girls

Yoga philosophy: "If you have a flat tire, that is also part of the journey." -Chogyam Trungpa

A song that makes you want to dance: Shoop by SALT-N-PEPA

Favorite Oregon region? Wherever there's water: oceans, rivers, lakes, falls

Certifications: RYT 500 certified by YoYoYogi // RYT 200 certified

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Eugene Serebrennikov

Favorite PDX Hangout: Tea Bar + The Weller Society

Favorite NW Beverage: OMG this is so hard. Does a matcha latte with coconut milk and lavender count? 

Yoga Philosophy: The fear and the joy. The anger and the love. The irritation and the kindness. There is enough space within each of us for all of it.

A song that makes you want to dance: Notorious B.I.G. "Hypnotize" 

Favorite Oregon region: Manzanita. I went on my second date with my husband there. It's where we got engaged. It's where we go to recharge and relax. It's so special to me. 

Certifications: 200 RYT certified by YoYoYogi, Meditation Coaching with Kimberly Carson and Chronic Pain Intensive Study at OHSU

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David Vote

Favorite PDX Hangout: Too many to count! I love hanging with the old growth redwood trees in Hoyt Arboretum. And also my parents back porch in NE Portland :) (spoiler alert: I'm a Portland native!) 

Favorite NW Beverage: Again, too many to count! The Bullet Hot Chocolate from Cultured Caveman and the Iced Dirty Chai's with coconut milk from Prasad are special treats

Yoga Philosophy: "Let down, let go, the world will carry you" - Mark Nepo

A song that makes you want to dance: All of them! Though, I have to dance to Bruno Mars "Uptown Funk." We surprised my sister and brother and law at their wedding with a flash dance to this song, so I have an actual dance I break into when it comes on :)

Favorite Oregon Region: The coast - Cannon Beach might be my favorite place on planet earth

Certifications: 200 RYT at YoYoYogi

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David Vote

Favorite PDX hangout: the woods

Favorite PDX beverage: Oregon Pinot Noir

Yoga philosophy: “It is through the alignment of the body that I discovered the alignment of my mind, self, and intelligence.” -BKS Iyengar

Song that makes you want to dance: One Day by Matisyahu and MC Yogi

Favorite Oregon region: The region I am in the moment.. Truly I love being outside any chance I get and I love the diversity of our backyard. I adore the majestic coast but I could not choose it over the breathtaking gorge or the reflective desert. They all win!

Certifications: 500 RYT certification // Pilates // Personal Training // Spin // Bodypump // too many that I forgot them all over the last 20 years. 

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Parisa Vassei

Favorite PDX hangout: Penninsula Park

Favorite NW beverage: Well, it's not from Oregon but La Croix (#lacroixlife) - ‘“Pure” to be specific

Yoga philosophy: "It’s all right now.” -Ram Dass

A song that makes you want to dance: Good Times by Jamie XX

Favorite Oregon region: The Gorge

Certifications: RYT 500 certified by YoYoYogi // RYT 200 certified by YoYoYogi

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Parisa Vassei

Favorite PDX hangout:  Washington Park! I love all the nature Portland has to offer, and practicing Yoga / Acroyoga in the park during the summer.

Favorite NW beverage: Habanero Sculpin from Ballast Point (Spicy beer!) wherever it's available.

Yoga philosophy: Breathe in Life, Breathe out Love, Be set Free.

A song that makes you want to dance: Dance Yrself Clean by LCD Soundsystem

Favorite Oregon region? Growing up in Texas, I can't get over how great it is that Oregon has mountains. Crater Lake stole my heart and refuses to let it go.

Certifications: RYT-200hr under Tiffany Maloney / The Yoga of Trust - Acroyoga Teacher Training

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Alex Cole

Favorite PDX hangout: White Owl Social Club patio with a slushy in hand

Favorite NW beverage: Humm Kombucha coconut lime flavor

Yoga philosophy: Flow it OUT

Song that makes you want to dance: Hang With Me by Robyn (she's the BEST)

Favorite Oregon region: Portland in the Summer!

Certifications: RYT 500 certified by YoYoYogi // RYT 200 certified by YoYoYogi // Elevate Yoga Trainings with Jill Knouse

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Parisa Vassei

Favorite PDX hangout: YoYoYogi

Favorite NW beverage: Stumptown Coffee light roast

Yoga philosophy: Yoga is the practice of living the life we truly desire

Song that makes you want to dance: "I'll stop the world and melt with you." - Modern English

Favorite Oregon region: (Surf Spots) Indian Beach and Short Sands (Mountains) Eagle Cap Wilderness - Willowa National Forest

Certifications: UG Anthropology // Master's Degree: Special Education // RYT certified by YoYoYogi

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Eugene Serebrennikov

Favorite PDX Hangout: One of the many beautiful parks with my dog Louie.

Favorite NW Beverage: Nossa Familia for coffee. Oregon Pinot Noirs for wine. 

Yoga Philosophy: "The thing that is really hard, and really amazing, is giving up on being perfect and beginning the work of becoming yourself," author and journalist Anna Quindlen. Although not quoted in relation to yoga, this is yoga for me. It is moving meditation. A constant journey of self-discovery. A challenge to let go of the ego and look inward to connect to your inner most self through breath and body. 

A song that makes you want to dance: Anything Beyoncé! 

Favorite Oregon Region: Cannon Beach and various lookout spots along the coast. 

Certifications: RYT 200 from YoYo Yogi

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David Vote

Favorite PDX hangout: Fields Park (beautiful views of the city, well maintained and great ledges for box jumps!)

Favorite NW beverage: Coffee coffee and more coffee!

Yoga Philosophy: Every breath is a chance to reset and start again.

A song that makes you want to dance: The Cure - Just Like Heaven

Favorite Oregon region? Mt. Hood

Certifications: RYT 200 certified by YoYoYogi

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Eugene Serebrennikov

Favorite PDX Hangout: Ooooo that’s a toss up between laurelhurst park and Missippi Street.

Favorite NW Beverage : Toss me any local IPA, I’m a happy gal.

Yoga Philosophy: Abyahasa and Vairagya. Yoga is a continual practice through which we have the opportunity to explore/ grow curious with our bodies as they evolve without being too attached to results.

Certifications: RYT 200 certified by YogaWorks (and growing!!!)

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David Vote