I'm new to yoga and, let’s be honest, scared outta my pants. What do I need to know? I’m terrified I’ll make a fool outta myself.

First off: we’ve all been there. We were all beginners once — and most of us still are! So welcome to the club! If you feel too tight, or old, or heavy, or inflexible, then guess what: you’re in the perfect place. Trust. Yoga’s for everyone. We’ll take good care of you. And sometimes the hardest part is just walking in the door.

So come in your comfiest wear (sans shoes) a little early to make sure you have plenty of time before class to settle in and get to know the space. Say hey to the teacher and let us know it’s your first time. We’ll be sure to have your back. And as for class itself? Have fun. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Skip as much as you want. Sit on your mat and just breathe and get a feel for what’s going on. As long as you’re breathing, you’re doing yoga. The poses are just bonus.


What classes are best for beginners? I can’t touch my toes.

Slow, alignment-based classes are perfect for newbies. Get a feel for the basics in a warm, welcoming environment. Tori's Monday night Yoga Virgins Flow class is perfect for the new yogi. Check out Terri’s Slow Flow class for a very accessible and enjoyable Sunday afternoon flow. Check in with us for suggestions on other great classes to begin your yoga journey!


What should I bring to class?

Bring a mat, a towel (if you think you’ll need one), a hair tie (if necessary) and a water bottle. We have tons of props like blocks, straps, blankets, and bolsters that you’re welcome to use anytime.


What should I wear to class?

Aim for comfy! Ratty sweatpants and old t-shirts are great. No need to dress up or wear any special gear. Choose something that you feel relaxed in and that’s easy to move in. For hot classes, less is more. (We don’t want you to get barbecued, unless you’re going for a serious detox, in which case, bring on the layers.)


How do I sign up for class?

We like to keep it simple. Come on in and sign in right at the front desk. We’ll get you all set up from there. Registration is always first-come, first-serve. 


Which class should I take?

Check out this list of class descriptions, types, and teachers’ styles for more.


Can I rent a mat? Towels?

Absolutely! We always have high quality Manduka mats and towels available for rent at the front desk. They are sparklin’ clean and super sturdy. $2 each.


Do you have showers?

We do! Feel free to use either of our two showers after you get your sweat on. We just ask that you keep them brief out of respect for the other folks who might be waiting.


Where should I park?

Street parking around YoYo is pretty easy, especially on weekends and evenings. Just be sure to pay for your parking at the little green parking machines on the sidewalk. 


I'm riding my bike. Do you have bike parking?

Definitely! We love bikes. (It’s Portland, of course we love bikes.) Walk your bike in and you can lock it up in the bike room adjacent to the showers.


Do you have changing rooms?

We sure do. You can find our changing stalls in our living room.


Is there somewhere I can leave my mat? 

Members with unlimited memberships are welcome to leave their mat at YoYo!  Check with the front desk for more info and an assigned space.


What types of classes do you offer? 

We are proud to offer an awesome array of classes here at YoYo. Our heart and soul is dynamic power vinyasa, but we love our yin, restorative, prana meditation, beginning and pre-natal classes. You can choose from heated or unheated classes, and 60- or 75-minute practices.  


Where are you located?

We’ve got a gorgeous historic location right in the heart of the Pearl District, surrounded by boutiques, cafes, brew houses and coffee shops.  Our street address is 1306 NW Hoyt St., between NW 13th and 14th. We are easily accessible via car, walking, and public transportation.


I'm looking for more information on your workshops and events. Help?

Email Kristi at


None of the above. Who can I get a hold of for more info?

Email Terri at

Hey Portland! New to YoYo? Check out our sweet new student special. | 503 688 5120