At YoYo, our yoga family is our family — period.

So come on in, kick off your shoes, and unroll your mat. You’re home. Just the way you are.

We believe in FUN. We’re all about beer and burritos, hikin’ and recyclin’, wine-sippin’ and carb-loadin’, coffee-gulpin’ and mountain-climbin’. Our heart’s in the breakthroughs and breakdowns, the falling on our faces and getting back up again, with a whole lotta laughter in between.

Who are the folks who walk in and out of these doors, who tramp barefoot up and down those stairs, who sweat and laugh and grow together? They’re our heart and soul. They’re the reason we’re here. And they’re what keeps us truckin’.

All life is yoga, right? The way you move on the mat is the way you do your job, the way you raise your kids, the way you move through the world. If nothing else, yoga should make you take yourself a little less seriously. So let our practice lighten you up.

Our beautiful, spacious home in the heart of Portland’s historic Pearl District buzzes with laughter, conversation, and a whole lotta sweat. Walk into our living room and find a flurry of dogs and hugs amidst the glowing hellos and goodbyes. You can’t help but keep it real when you’re surrounded by a bunch of cool cats who just wanna get their butts kicked and live well while doing it. Join our one-of-a-kind community and jump into a variety of classes to match anything you’re craving.

Our top-notch teachers care about you. You’re not just a number here. You’re you — and we want you to come as you are, whether you’re a microbrew-lovin’, tattoo-sportin’ frat bro or a church-goin’, briefcase-slingin’ empty nester.

Laugh well. Live well. We’ve got your back.

Mad love.