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Yoga classes Portland

At YoYo, our classes are first-come, first-serve.

We like to keep things simple: no online pre-registration necessary. Just roll on in, say hey to the awesome yoga posse hangin’ at the front desk, sign in, and you’re all set.

  •  If it’s your first time here, plan to come 15 minutes early to sign up and get the lay of the land.  Save time by filling out your waiver online before your first visit, that way you’ll already be set up in our system when you arrive. 

  • We have three studios: Big Dog, our unheated studio which features everything from power vinyasa to pure restorative; urban hot, our heated studio kept at 98 degrees (plus body heat, baby!); and the om zone, a meditation and gentle yoga studio for those days when you need to breathe a little deeper, find the pause and begin again.


  • Bring: water, yoga mat, and a towel if you think you might sweat - or - come without and get them for $2 a pop. We got your back!


  • You can find our class schedule below. It’s diverse, with a fab variety of flavors to suit you whether you’re looking for a butt-kickin’ power flow or a slow wind-down after a rough week. 

Hey Portland! New to YoYo? Check out our sweet new student special. | 503 688 5120