The 200hr Teacher Training will be a deep dive into the body, the breath + the musings of the mind

Our curriculum has three tracks all happening simultaneously and eventually woven together. Below is a peek into everything we will explore together.

Exploration of Asana

Begin to understand postures from function rather than aesthetic. Learn how to teach poses using effective and concise cues. In these important courses, we will guide you through safe alignment, understanding benefits, exploring variations and  addressing contraindications. 


The Yamas + The Niyamas

Each week, we will explore the Yamas and Niyamas, the first two limbs of  Patanjali’s 8 Limbs of Yoga.  These foundations of yoga philosophy will create your moral compass through a unique and deeply interactive discussion of what these ancient principals relate to today’s world and to your life.

Yoga Philosophy

Through the foundation of the Yamas and Niyamas, the history of yoga, and other ancient wisdom, you’ll find yourself viewing interactions with the world and yourself through the lens of yoga. Learn how to effectively weave these lessons throughout a class to inspire your students lives not only on the mat but off of it as well!


The Power of your Authentic Voice

    We all have something to say. The entire training is about helping you find your voice to effectively communicate as a teacher and in other facets of your life as well. How you use your vocal instrument (timber, tone, rhythm, inflection) will be the vehicle to guide your students through their practice.


In this course, we will learn various preparatory and traditional breathing techniques to incorporate to your practice and teaching. We will understand breath as a primary vehicle of prana and the relationship of breath to the mind and body. We will learn to move — and teach— to our breath.


History of Yoga

  This practice is thousands of years old and still pertinent to our lives today! Learn the rich, riveting history of Yoga in all its mystery and intrigue and discuss how it is still being written today.  Discover the root and myriad branches of this practice in mind, body, breath and soul.

Art of Sequencing

    There is a method to linking poses together mindfully and effectively. In this workshop, you will understand how to safely weave postures in order to prepare the body, open the body, strengthen the body, lengthen the body and rest the body. 


The Subtle Body

    Real transformation lies in the more subtle aspects of our being. In this illuminating course, we will discover the relationship between the 5 layers of being (koshas) and begin an investigation into the energetic entities (chakras and nadis).

Yin + Energetic Anatomy

   Restorative yogis rejoice! Lean into this stillness practice and discover the relationship muscles, bones, and joints have with energetic anatomy. We always have a handful of trainees who lean toward meditation, restorative and yin yoga. Our training supports this offering! immensely!

Creating a Yoga Experience

    This practice is an art. Your class is a blank canvas. The way in which you weave it all together creates your masterpiece. In this compelling course, we will discuss how to purposefully implement the elements: voice, sequence, environment, philosophy, props, music to create an inspired class that can take students on a physical and energetic journey.



About 1/2 way through, we pair you up with one of our incredible faculty to help guide you through this journey! A listening ear, a trusted person to bounce thoughts off of, to ask all of your questions, a mentor to encourage your authentic voice.

Your first class

Ready to step outside your comfort zone?! We are here for you! Each of you will conclude with your very own full 60 minute class complete with all the elements you want to bring in and nothing you don’t. This is your blank canvas to create and let your authentic voice shine!

The ETHICS of Yoga

    Teaching is a great joy and great responsibility to your students and the community at large. This course will cover ethical behavior and discuss how to hold reputable relationships at the center of every interaction.    

The BUSINESS of Yoga

One must learn how to navigate the varied landscape of the professional side of yoga. In this course, you will learn your options for teaching, understand the qualities often sought by studio owners and how to promote yourself earnestly, honestly and effectively.


And after all of that, we party! It wouldn’t be YoYoYogi without a celebration, and you have earned it! After finals week, we gather together to wine, dine, laugh, cry and share together!