Lisa Pickell

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Lisa has always had a personal relationship with rhythm and movement, which started for her at a young age through dance and gymnastics. As she moved through life, dance became a way of life that she relied on through times of growth and hardship. While dancing professionally, Lisa sustained injuries that are common of the art, which soon ended her dancing career. This left her unable to express herself through movement.

            Still able to find other ways to stay physically active, both in the gym and through outdoor sports and activities, Lisa still felt unfilled. This led her on a journey to find a way to incorporate music, motion, and core strength. While talking to a personal trainer, Lisa was hesitant to the idea of yoga, thinking she didn’t need another way to “stretch”. Finally agreeing to take a class, Lisa found herself instantly hooked. As Lisa has lead herself  through to the practice of yoga, she has found it a way to both strengthen her relationship with herself and also reform her relationship with movement. Certified in both Power Yoga and Hot Yoga, she incorporates her zest for life into her classes through her upbeat vibe and her want to push her students to the next level both at the studio and in life.